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STEM Lounge contributes to conversations in society through original visual stories and essays rooted in science.

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My name is Larry, and I explore how storytelling and visual communications can be used for a more just and sustainable world.

In addition to writing for STEM Lounge, I've written stories for Slate and Vox, and published opinions on The Orlando Sentinel, The Vancouver Sun, and KevinMD. My election map algorithms are featured by Fast Company, and my advocacy work is covered by Gizmodo Japan. At Florida State I studied Studio Art and Biological Science, and at Harvard Medical School I studied how storytelling can be used to impact public health as part of the Media and Medicine program.

I haven't found a publication quite like STEM Lounge, so I decided to make it. Subscribe today to get the latest stories right in your inbox.

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Lawrence Weru

Larry is a TEDx speaker, Harvard Medical School Dean's Scholar, Florida State University "Notable Nole," and has served as an invited speaker at Harvard, FSU, and USF. Larry's contributions are featured by Harvard University, Fast Company, and Gizmodo Japan, and cited in books by Routledge and No Starch Press. His stories and opinions are published in Slate, Vox, Toronto Star, Orlando Sentinel, and Vancouver Sun, among others. He illustrates the sciences for a more just and sustainable world.